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Pyweek is here! And Minecraft Server(s) up!

I haven’t been posting here as regularly as I promised, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy!

I updated our forum to a phpBB forum, and edited the theme to match the rest of the site (as closely as I can, sans internal colors and some weirdness in the header)

I also set up a minecraft server running from my house that hosts our original community world, and HzEh donated a professional server running a brand new 1.8 world! Details for both can be found in the Minecraft Forum!

Pyweek has also begun, and we are now into our second full day. Unlike previous years I am going solo (except help from the stream) – but this will probably turn into a team once people start turning in art (several have volunteered to help :D)

Also, unlike previous attempts I am just using raw Pygame, instead of a prebuilt map/gui/etc. engine. This choice has actually helped as we’re nearly finished with the core game engine already, and have several days left to work on content and logic. Usually we end up doing that on just the last two days…


Here is a screenshot of what we are up to currently:



The theme is “One Room” – so our game idea is to be based in a zombie apocalypse, you wake up up and have only a few minutes to select what tools in your room that will help you survive, and get out of there!

Along the way you will find other survivors, battle lots of monsters, explores different buildings and hopefully reach the evac point and escape!


Having a blast so far, cheers all