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Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone!


I am hoping you all have had a wonderful holiday season!

I’ve been extremely busy, but sadly, I forget to update the blog…


So here is a big update to get us caught back up.


First, I’ve been streaming regularly again, and we’ve nearly gotten back to the same number of viewers we had before my long break earlier this year. I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft, Don’t Starve, Path of Exile, and several MMOs and other games.


We’ve had nearly $150 in donations in two months now, which has gone to getting new games, doing some more giveaways, and, we just launched our second dedicated Minecraft Server! This one is specifically for running mods. Currently we are running the BloodNBones Hardcore Server, to test stability and mechanics for the server before we open it up for everyone.


I’ve also been working on my bot, and it is nearly feature complete for a first release. I want to make sure to set up some kind of docs or a wiki or something for it, as it isn’t as user friendly as some of the other bots, so it needs to stand out, and be clarified.


Between Dan ( and me, we’ve been getting a good community going, playing several games together and working on several servers, which has been loads of fun.


I’ve also been continuing the (nearly) weekly Programming session. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well last weekend, so I missed an episode, but we are up to Episode 5. We’ve gotten a lot more views on twitch (getting 10-50 a week, depending, simultaneously), but not many views on youtube yet. Oh well, they’re there for down the road if anyone finds an interest in them.



Alright guys, getting ready to do some streaming for New Year’s – might be going out later, but we’ll see. Happy New Year all – see you on the flip side!



Dual Streaming with DefiantDaniel – and a big donation!

So last night I tried my hand at co-streaming with another guy.

I had previously streamed with other people, but he had the great idea of embedding a view of my stream inside his own, to provide context of the other player for viewers, I naturally did the same and we both got quite a few viewers and a lot of people enjoyed the experience, so will definitely be doing that again.

If you haven’t already, check out – he’s a pretty cool guy.


Also, Loot donated $69.69 to the stream, which will go toward new games, new giveaways, and probably some special request for him, but that is pretty exciting.


Cya guys around,


Path of Exile – RIPs

So I have been getting into Path of Exile a lot lately, playing some Hardcore – Ripped my witch character twice, and on to attempt 3.


Doing a fair bit of theory crafting and whatnot… Also will be playing Minecraft and probably some other games soon again!

Also, I am planning to do more game programming videos, and will be updating my youtube with highlights more frequently!

Pyweek is here! And Minecraft Server(s) up!

I haven’t been posting here as regularly as I promised, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy!

I updated our forum to a phpBB forum, and edited the theme to match the rest of the site (as closely as I can, sans internal colors and some weirdness in the header)

I also set up a minecraft server running from my house that hosts our original community world, and HzEh donated a professional server running a brand new 1.8 world! Details for both can be found in the Minecraft Forum!

Pyweek has also begun, and we are now into our second full day. Unlike previous years I am going solo (except help from the stream) – but this will probably turn into a team once people start turning in art (several have volunteered to help :D)

Also, unlike previous attempts I am just using raw Pygame, instead of a prebuilt map/gui/etc. engine. This choice has actually helped as we’re nearly finished with the core game engine already, and have several days left to work on content and logic. Usually we end up doing that on just the last two days…


Here is a screenshot of what we are up to currently:



The theme is “One Room” – so our game idea is to be based in a zombie apocalypse, you wake up up and have only a few minutes to select what tools in your room that will help you survive, and get out of there!

Along the way you will find other survivors, battle lots of monsters, explores different buildings and hopefully reach the evac point and escape!


Having a blast so far, cheers all


Upcoming Ideas

Hey Everyone,

So work has been taking up most of my time again, sadly.
But, I am planning to take some time and really get back to streaming again.

I am kind of feeling like playing more Hearthstone, Path of Exile and Dota 2 soon, but might change that.
I am also thinking about joining a Pyweek Competition that will be starting soon. And, assuming I do that, I will be streaming it while I code. This will give the opportunity for me to demonstrate how to create a simple game from the ground up.

Let me know if you guys think that would be cool!


Upcoming Content

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that, while I have been very buys of late, I do still have plans for the stream and other things, notably getting a website up!

I hope to get back to a consistent schedule soon, and get some more content on the website, and some more games to play and do more giveaways – so if there is anything you want to see on the website or stream, let me know!

Any suggestions or offers for help will be appreciated, as my time is still severely limited – but… that “should” be changing very soon!

See you guys later!