Monthly Archives: September 2014

Upcoming Ideas

Hey Everyone,

So work has been taking up most of my time again, sadly.
But, I am planning to take some time and really get back to streaming again.

I am kind of feeling like playing more Hearthstone, Path of Exile and Dota 2 soon, but might change that.
I am also thinking about joining a Pyweek Competition that will be starting soon. And, assuming I do that, I will be streaming it while I code. This will give the opportunity for me to demonstrate how to create a simple game from the ground up.

Let me know if you guys think that would be cool!


Responsive Design

I know I don’t have any readers yet, but trying to get into the habit of updating this frequently, so it stays a habit!

What I am working on now is a new layout for the pages, as what I have right now is kind of clunky/ugly. I’ve only been able to put a few hours into this, but almost have something nicer (I think) done.

So the next goal is to work toward some responsive design – to learn it, and so when people visit the site on mobile it looks good still! Right now it is sort of responsive in some pages, but the fonts in particular are not, and each page seems to be handling the responsiveness differently, which kind of sucks.

Anyway, will keep this updated!


Upcoming Content

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that, while I have been very buys of late, I do still have plans for the stream and other things, notably getting a website up!

I hope to get back to a consistent schedule soon, and get some more content on the website, and some more games to play and do more giveaways – so if there is anything you want to see on the website or stream, let me know!

Any suggestions or offers for help will be appreciated, as my time is still severely limited – but… that “should” be changing very soon!

See you guys later!